Happy birthday, Peaceful Parsnip!

Happy Birthday Peaceful Parsnip!

Happy Birthday Peaceful Parsnip!

A wise woman once told me the hardest part about a blog is starting it. I don’t know yet if that’s true, but I can say it has involved a lot of second guessing for me so far. What to name it? What should it be about? Will people think it’s dumb? Do I even have time for a blog?  But then I remembered that I wanted to write this purely for my own pleasure and I let all that negative juju go. So here it is: a public cyber journal for me to post about food, nutrition, massage, health, running, and whatever other cool stuff I come across.

Welcome to the world, my little blog!

3 responses to “Happy birthday, Peaceful Parsnip!

  1. I can’t wait!

  2. Thanks for commenting and sharing, Wendy!

  3. I have a blog…but I can’t find it! Even if I could, I can’t remember the password. ha! I also started it for my own personal journal when I had my first miscarriage…it helped me a lot to jot all that down. I plan to start a new one when Sam is older and I have time. It will be about furniture makeovers…something I used to love to do, but never finished a single project! This time, with a blog, I will be forced to finish the projects…just in case anyone is following – can’t have people calling me a quitter! lol

    Happy birthday to your blog…I will follow it simply because I love you 😉

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